PSY 4905: Developmental Psychology
Midterm Exam
Chapters 1-10

Answer 10 of the following questions, one from each chapter. The essay questions you’ve been answering have been intended to be thought provoking. These questions are simply collecting and reciting the facts from the text.

Chapter 1
  1. Identify the benefits and shortcomings of the behavioral perspective within the lifespan development approach.
  2. Identify the types of research strategies and explain the basic differences between them.
Chapter 2
  1. Explain and give an example of the difference between the dominant and the recessive gene
  2. How do we currently understand the differences between the contributions of nature and nurture on the development of a child?
Chapter 3
  1. Describe the characteristics of postpartum depression and why it is important for mother and baby to identify and treat it.
  2. Describe the level of social competence of the infant.
Chapter 4
  1. What is the current thinking on breastfeeding of infants?
  2. Describe the various perceptual abilities of infants.
Chapter 5
  1. How does memory work in an infant?
  2. Describe the general nature and timing of the production of language.
Chapter 6
  1. Describe and explain the development of meaning behind an infant’s smile.
  2. What role does attachment play in the development of the infant?
Chapter 7
  1. Explain the process and consequences of brain lateralization on development.
  2. Contrast Vygotsky and Piaget on private speech.
Chapter 8
  1. How do friendships develop and what role do they play in childhood development?
  2. Describe the tendency for aggression in the preschool child and the factors behind the regulation of aggression.
Chapter 9
  1. Is mainstreaming good or bad?
  2. Explain why the code based (phonetics) approach to teaching reading is superior to the whole language approach.
Chapter 10
  1. What is self-esteem? How is it developed and what are its effects?
  2. Explain if and how unpopular children can be taught to be socially competent.